Phone Transfer

Forwarding the Marin Teleservice Line (last updated 2015.03.24)

  1. At the beginning of your shift, before you forward the line to yourself, call 415-499-0400 to announce that you are a Marin Teleservice Volunteer preparing to forward the line to yourself.
  2. Dial: 415-924-0099 (prompts will guide you thru the process)
  3. 10 digit phone number & pin number, Enter: XXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX# (Get the number from your coordinator)
  4. Activation Code, Enter: 72#
  5. Enter your telephone number: 1+Area Code+Phone Number (EXAMPLE: 1-415-345-6789#)
  6. Confirm. If the number is correct, press 1 (If you hear beep-beep, then silence, you have successfully forwarded the line).
  7. Hang-up.