There are many ways to be of service within Marin Teleservice.

Marin Teleservice Committee meets the Fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm,

1360 Lincoln Avenue Ave. San Rafael,CA.



 Volunteer Descriptions

Primary Teleservice Volunteer

The Primary Teleservice Volunteer answers the phones, gives out meeting and other fellowship information and briefly shares their experience, strength and hope. If the caller needs to talk more than a few moments, the Primary Teleservice Volunteer takes the caller’s number and contacts a Backup Teleservice Volunteer. You must have 6 months to do this commitment.

Backup Teleservice Volunteer

The Backup Teleservice Volunteer will then call the person back and take over from there. If further contact with the person seems to be indicated, the Backup Teleservice Volunteer will call on a 12 Step Workers. You must have 6 months to do this commitment.

12-Step Worker

The 12th Step Workers can contact the caller and have a longer conversation or meet at a meeting. If a face-to-face visit is indicated (2) Volunteers will meet the caller. (Face to face visits are never done alone.) You must have 6 months to do this commitment.


 Telephone numbers of volunteers are never given to any callers.



Description of positions

Teleservice Chairperson

The Teleservice Chairperson attends both the monthly steering committee and business meetings and prepares the agenda set at the steering committee meeting for the business meeting. The Chairperson runs the monthly business meetings. It is suggested that the Chairperson have at least two years experience in Teleservice.

Weekly Coordinators.

There are five Weekly Coordinators. Each is responsible for one week of each month-ensuringthat the Teleservice phone number, (415) 499-0400 is answered by a live, sober alcoholic 24 hours a day. As Central Office takes the line M-F, 10am-6pm, Coordinators are responsible for coordinating primary and backup volunteers to answer the phones M-F 6pm-10am and all day and F 6pm-M 10am as well as most holidays. Weekly coordinators are responsible for reminding volunteers of their upcoming shift each month and for checking the phone line at each shift transition and for finding replacements in the event of an absent volunteer. Coordinators act as the liaison to the answering service. Coordinators are responsible for keeping an up to date address list of their volunteers and for ensuring each volunteer is furnished with a current meeting schedule, a 12-step worker list, and current Teleservice Guidelines (to be mailed by the Box Coordinator). It is suggested that the Coordinators have prior Teleservice experience.


The Treasurer is responsible for checking the P.O. box, depositing contributions into the Teleservice account, and keeping records of donations from groups. The treasurer must keep an accurate checking ledger and pay all bills in a timely fashion. Each month the Treasurer prepares a report of income and expenses for distribution at the monthly Teleservice business meeting.

Central Office Liaison

The Central Office Liaison attends the monthly IFB meeting at the San Francisco Central Office on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm and reports pertinent business at the monthly Teleservice business meeting.

General Service Liaison

The General Service Liaisona brief report on pertinent Teleservice business at the monthly General Service Meeting on the third Monday of each month at 8pm at First United Methodist Church, 9 Ross Valley Road, San Rafael and reports pertinent General Service business at the monthly Teleservice business meeting.

Mailing and Box Coordinator

The Mailing and Box Coordinator checks the P.O. box and responds to any volunteer forms that come in, replies to any volunteer signups via email and ensures that weekly coordinators are connected with available volunteers and the 12-Step Committee and List Liaison receives volunteer names and phone numbers for the 12 Step Worker list. The Mailing and Box Coordinator mails packets to new meeting representatives, and to primary and back-up telephone workers as needed and coordinates and heads a mailing twice a year. Packets include Teleservice Guidelines, a current meeting schedule and 12-step worker list.

12-Step Worker Liaison

The 12-Step Worker Liaison reports pertinent Teleservice business to the monthly 12-Step Committee meeting at San Francisco Central Office, the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm, and reports pertinent 12-Step Committee information to the monthly Teleservice Business meeting. The 12-Step Committee and List Liaison coordinates 12-Step workshops for Marin Teleservice. Additionally, the 12-Step Liaison updates Marin Teleservice’s 12 Step Worker list, confirming with members on the list their continued desire to be on the list as well as their contact information. This list is provided to the Weekly Coordinators and Mailing and Box Coordinator.

New Representative Liaison

The New Representative Liaison is responsible for greeting and meeting with new reps after the monthly business meeting to briefly summarize the workings of Marin Teleservice, their position as liaison between their group and Teleservice, go over the agenda and answer questions they have.

Unity Day Liaison/Event Coordinator

The Unity Day Liaison/Event Coordinator ensures that the Teleservice table is set up, manned and equipped with all appropriate literature at all Marin Teleservice special events. These events generally include the Spaghetti Feed and Unity Day. The table person is also responsible for housing all Teleservice table materials.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary records, types and prepares the minutes from each monthly business meeting. Draft notes may be provided to the Chair prior to the Steering Committee meeting to aid in preparing the agenda.


The Webmaster is responsible for updating and maintaining the Marin Teleservice website.